Mechanical Engineering


''To develop highly calibrated and ethically perfect Technocrats in the field of Mechanical Engineering that  meet the changing and challenging needs of Industry as well as society.''


M1 - To impart quality education through continuous up-gradation of curriculum and faculty development.

M2 - To provide platform for students to get acquainted with Industrial atmosphere through industry-institute interaction.

M3 - To develop entrepreneur qualities and professional ethics among students and concern them for the society.


Program Educational Objective (PEO) of the Department

PEO1: To prepare high caliber technocrats who become able to analyze, interpret and provide solution to the complex engineering problems in the field of Thermal Engineering, Design of machine elements and Manufacturing engineering for realistic outcomes.

PEO2: To lay firm foundation of core knowledge and practical skills for higher education and Professional skills for Manufacturing and allied industry.

PEO3: To mould the students with moral and ethical values towards the responsibility to larger society problem and to aware life-long learning and creativity.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) of the Department

PSO1: Analyze specific engineering problems relevant to Mechanical Engineering by applying the knowledge of basic science, engineering mathematics and engineering fundamentals.

PSO2: Ability to analyze and synthesizing operations using statistical methods and to create competitive advantage through the application of manufacturing planning, strategy and quality control concepts.

PSO3: Ability to critical analysis and problem solving skills required in the field of advance technology, production and design engineering for carrying out research activities.