Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a filed of engineering that generally deals with the study an application of electricity, electronics and electromagnestim. The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late nineteenth century after commercialization of electric telegraph and electrical power supply.It now coversa range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. There are equally good opportunities for job in electrical engineering industry and higher education.There is lot of multidisciplinary research for developing electric vechles with great funding and scope all over the world. On the same time good opportunities back home in industry.

The three years diploma course of educates the students to acquire their knowledge and skill in the areas of:

  • a) Operation & Maintenance of Electrical machines.
  • b) Machine installation & commissioning Domestic & Industrial wiring.
  • c) Design & Layout of workshop.
  • d) Erection of substation & power equipments.
  • e) Fault analysis.

The department is going for following well equipped laboratories:

  • i) Electrical Machine Lab.
  • ii) Basic Electrical Lab.
  • iii) Basic Electronics Lab.
  • iv) Network Theory Lab.
  • v) Analog Electronics Lab.