Best Practises


  1. Industrial Visit:

           Industrial Visit Plays a crucial role for the Students to know the link between the curriculum study & the Industry requirements for the better understanding of students, Industrial visit is being a organized by the Institute every year for all Branch Students to their respective Industrial Sector.


  1. Extra Curricular Activities:

      Beyond the class room study, extracurricular activities play a vital role in overall growth of students. Through Sports, Dance and other cultural activities students develop a sense of discipline, positive attitude and team works which helps them in professional field.

             For achieving this goal, the institute has formed three clubs i.e. Sports Club, Cultural Club & Eco Club which organizes different activities among the students to create a healthy atmosphere along the Students.

Sports Club                                  Cultural Club                                Eco club

  1. Community Service:

            The ultimate aim of the education is to do something for the society, so to develop this sense among students, community service is being organized every year with the students going to nearby villages & do something useful the work for the village or for schools by applying their sense of knowledge.